June 2019
Northwestern Medicine Feinberg News: Mapping the Visual System, From Photoreceptors to Brain [LINK]

February 2018
Research Features: Pioneering novel techniques in neuroscience [LINK] [PDF]

May 2017
EyeWorld: Researchers discover retinal cell they think could be related to myopia [LINK]

February 2017
Science Update: Indoor Myopia Explained [LINK]

American Optometric Association: Unique retinal cell dysfunction triggers myopia? [LINK]

American Academy of Ophthalmology: Scientists discover retinal cell linked to myopia [LINK]

Fox 32: Doctors believe they know what causes nearsightedness in kids [LINK]

WTTW News: Researchers Discover Cell Potentially Linked to Nearsightedness [LINK]

The Johns Hopkins News-letter: Time spent outdoors may improve vision [LINK]

Macular Degeneration Association: Northwestern Medicine scientists discover retinal cell that may cause myopia [LINK]

MedIndia: Myopia-Causing Cell Identified in the Retina [LINK] Scientists Shed Light on Possible Cause of Nearsightedness [LINK]

Ocular Prime: Seasonal Affective Disorder, Indoor Lighting, & Eye Health [LINK]

Science Daily: Myopia cell discovered in retina: Dysfunction of cell may be linked to amount of time a child spends indoors [LINK]

Insight News: New cell links myopia to childhood spent indoors [LINK]

Tech Times: Myopia In Children May Be Linked To Amount Of Time Spent Indoors [LINK]

December 2016
Yahoo News First Look: First Look: Shining light on mouse retinas to sleuth out treatments for eye disorders [LINK]

February 2016
Scientifica meets: Dr Greg Schwartz – Northwestern University [LINK]

June 2016
JNP Podcasts: Divergence of Retinal Information to the Brain [LINK]

April 2016
UW Newsroom: What zipped by? Motion detection in retinas [LINK]

May 2007
Princeton Weekly Bulletin: Berry ‘completes the circuit’ to find a home in neuroscience [LINK]