Schwartz Lab Articles

Research Features: Pioneering novel techniques in neuroscience

Amurta Nath and Gregory W. Schwartz (2017). Electrical synapses convey orientation selectivity in the mouse retina. Nature Communications

Adam Mani and Gregory W. Schwartz (2017). Circuit Mechanisms of a Retinal Ganglion Cell with Stimulus-Dependent Response Latency and Activation Beyond Its Dendrites. Cell Current Biology

Jason Jacoby and Gregory W. Schwartz (2017). Three Small-Receptive-Field Ganglion Cells in the Mouse Retina Are Distinctly Tuned to Size, Speed, and Object Motion. The Journal of Neuroscience

Amurta Nath and Gregory W. Schwartz (2016). Cardinal Orientation Selectivity Is Represented by Two Distinct Ganglion Cell Types in Mouse Retina. The Journal of Neuroscience

Jason Jacoby, Yongling Zhu, Steven H. DeVries, Gregory W. Schwartz (2015). An Amacrine Cell Circuit for Signaling Steady Illumination in the Retina. Cell Reports, Volume 13, Issue 12, 2663-2670

Greg Schwartz Articles

Sidney P. Kuo, Gregory W. Schwartz, Fred Rieke (2016). Nonlinear Spatiotemporal Integration by Electrical and Chemical Synapses in the Retina. Neuron

Grimes, W.N.*, Schwartz, G.W.*, and Rieke, F. (2014). The synaptic and circuit mechanisms underlying a change in spatial encoding in the retina. Neuron 82, 460–473.

Okawa, H., Santina, Della, L., Schwartz, G.W., Rieke, F., and Wong, R.O.L. (2014). Interplay of cell-autonomous and nonautonomous mechanisms tailors synaptic connectivity of converging axons in vivo. Neuron 82, 125–137.

Bleckert A., Schwartz, G.W., Turner, M.H., Rieke, F., and Wong, R.O.L. Visual space is represented by non-matching topographies of distinct mouse retinal ganglion cell types. Current Biology 24, 310-315 (2014). PMC Journal: PMID: 24440397

Schwartz, G.W. & Rieke, F. Controlling gain one photon at a time. Elife. May 14, (2013). PMCID: PMC3654457

Chen, E., Marre, O., Fisher, C., Schwartz, G., Levy, J., da Silveira, R., Berry II, M. Alert Response to Motion Onset in the Retina (2013)., J Neurosci. 33, 120-32. PMC Journal. PMID: 23283327

Schwartz, G. W., Okawa, H., Dunn, F. A., Morgan, J. L., Kerschensteiner, D., Wong, R. O. & Rieke, F. The spatial structure of a nonlinear receptive field. Nature Neurosci. 15, 1572-1580 (2012). PMCID: PMC3517818
(Faculty of 1000 recommendation by Brent Doiron)

Schwartz, G.*, Macke, J.*, Amodei, D., Tang, H. & Berry, M. J. II. Low Error Discrimination using a Correlated Population Code. J Neurophysiol. 108, 1069-1088 (2012). PMCID: PMC3424080

Soo, F. S., Schwartz, G. W., Sadeghi, K. & Berry, M. J. II. Fine spatial information represented in a population of retinal ganglion cells. J Neurosci 31, 2145-2155 (2011). PMC Journal. PMID: 21307251

Gao, J., Schwartz, G., Berry, M. J. II. & Holmes, P. An oscillatory circuit underlying the detection of disruptions in temporally-periodic patterns. Network 20, 106-135 (2009). PMCID: 2752637

Schwartz, G. & Berry, M. J. II. Sophisticated temporal pattern recognition in retinal ganglion cells. J Neurophysiol. 99, 1787-1798 (2008). PMCID: 2856926

Schwartz, G., Taylor, S., Fisher, C., Harris, R. & Berry, M. J. II. Synchronized firing among retinal ganglion cells signals motion reversal. Neuron 55, 958-969 (2007). PMCID: 3163230
(Faculty of 1000 recommendation by Leonard Maler)

Schwartz, G., Harris, R., Shrom, D. & Berry, M. J. II. Detection and prediction of periodic patterns by the retina. Nat Neurosci 10, 552-554 (2007). PMCID: PMC3196557
(Faculty of 1000 recommendation by Bruce Cumming)

Schwartz, G., Howard, M. W., Jing, B. & Kahana, M. J. Shadows of the past: temporal retrieval effects in recognition memory. Psychol Sci 16, 898-904 (2005). PMCID: 2486375

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Reviews and viewpoints

Schwartz, G. W. & Rieke, F. Nonlinear spatial encoding by retinal ganglion cells: when 1 + 1 ≠ 2. Journal of General Physiology 138, 283-290 (2011). PMC Journal. PMID: 21875977

Cafaro, J., Schwartz, G. W. & Grimes, W. N. An expanding view of dynamic electrical coupling in the mammalian retina. J Physiol 589, 2115-2116 (2011). PMC Journal. PMID: 21532032

Berry, M. J. II & Schwartz, G. The Retina As Embodying Predictions About the Visual World. in Predictions in the Brain (ed Bar, M.) Oxford University Press, Oxford, (2011).