We are always looking for talented, motivated graduate students and postdocs interested in neural computation. Postdocs with experience in patch clamp electrophysiology and/or computational and theoretical neuroscience are especially encouraged to apply.


We are hiring!

Graduate Students
  • Potential graduate students already at NU: email Greg Schwartz (greg.schwartz@northwestern.edu) to discuss a rotation in our lab.
  • Potential graduate students not currently at NU: please apply directly to the Northwestern Interdepartmental Neuroscience PhD program (NUIN) http://nuin.northwestern.edu
Undergraduate Students

The Schwartz Lab sometimes take on undergrad students.  As undergrads, students can learn the day-to-day operations of a working lab, and get experience in the following techniques: mouse work, genotyping, brain slicing, immunohistochemical staining techniques, and electrophysiology.  Some students that demonstrate a great facility with our techniques and knowledge of our studies, have gone on to have their own projects. Please contact Greg Schwartz (greg.schwartz@northwestern.edu) if interested.

Undergrads must be able to work a minimum of 15 hours a week and can be hired through the following opportunities: